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I’m vegan for the animals, but also for the environment and health. Love nature, animals, photography, adventures, food, meditation, essential oils and lots more. I believe in small changes every day
My challenge
Less plastic - more sustainable grocery shopping

Day 12: Sharing is caring

I really liked the coaching message today! “Our actions influence people all the time”. I think our actions always speaks louder than words. I love how people respond to stories…that’s how I’d like to influence, but I’ve also fallen into a trap where I find myself trying to change people by convincing them….just like the coaching message said; with facts and arguments. It doesn’t work very well, and I know it so well. First step of changing it is awareness. I share some of what I do on social media, and with friends of course….and sometimes the occasional random people that I meet…like the girl at the supermarket asking about my reusable produce bags…..and it’s so much fun to get a message from a friend or someone you don’t know all that well, but they tell you that they have been inspired to make some changes, and when they ask questions. For this challenge I’ve had people asking mostly about the reusable bags, and a lot about eco-friendly gifts;) I know our actions influence other people…it causes ripples…I’ve been reading some of the posts from the others in the group, well a most of them I think. I’ve commented on one of the others posts and put a heart on some of the posts. There’s some good reflections around here. Especially I’ve noticed the ones about plastic, zero waste, paper reduce, meditation…I loved the reflections around how meditation makes a difference. Cause it does. It’s part of increasing the collective awareness and by working on yourself, you’re making the world around you better. And sharing your journey. All about ripples.