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My challenge
Random Acts of Kindness.

Day 8: Fun and Games!

December. The month of over-spending and under-joying. The stress of finding THE perfect gift can suck the life out of the best of us. And in an attempt to give a ‘sustainable’ gift that translates our values and love for endangered spices, we often end up giving lame-ass gifts that might as well be a fair trade banana wrapped in a brown paper bag. 

Where is the joy in that? 

My favourite gift is experiences. Something with an element of surprise. Out of the comfort zone and into the adventure zone. 

This summer I took my sister on a speedboat ride into Prekestolen, James Bond style. Fun! It wasn’t her birthday. It wasn’t a special occasion, I just was inspired to do something out of the ordinary. 

Christmas, thought? I feel the best solution is to not make such a big deal out of it. Spend less.  Laugh more. Instead of all this pressure around this one particular day, be more generous all year around. Give when the sprit moves you. Surprise someone. 

Yesterday I gave away two gorgeous Christmas decorations. The recipients were over the moon! ‘A wooden stag! It’s gorgeous! You shouldn’t!’ 

Yes, I should. But only when the spirit moves me. Next time you might get a fair trade banana in a brown paper bag.