'; Eco-friendly and not too bad looking gifts | Christmas cCHALLENGE
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My challenge
Less plastic - more sustainable grocery shopping

Day 17: Eco-friendly and not too bad looking gifts

So this is my attempt of wrapping Christmas gifts more eco-friendly✌🏼💚🌍I’ve wrapped gifts like this before, but I’ve always also used xmas gift paper (the non-recyclable ones and those plastic wrapping ribbons too). First year with non of that. Anyways..I think they look pretty lovely❤️ I used tape on the first one…then I tried without…easy peasy without!!! Every year for many years I’ve had this tradition…. I would set a side one day (or an evening) for gift wrapping. I put on Christmas music, light candles, have a glass of mulled wine (or julegløgg) and wrap and decorate Christmas gifts. I love it. And some years I’ve collected gifts throughout the year. No matter how many plans we’ve had, I’ve always had this day/evening …It makes me really happy to put a little personal touch to the gifts. The best gifts I still think is to give experiences❤️ But you can be creative and wrap them up both eco-friendly and nice😉💚🌍🎄