'; Margaret Lane | Christmas cCHALLENGE
I am a yoga teacher recovering from a serious illness. I am in recovery for which i am really grateful. The key to my recovery has been exercise, good friends, family and above all - Never Give Up!
My challenge
To walk the dog most days of the week and do my exercises

Challenge stopped

Because I have found out I have fluid on my brain now, I cannot walk the dog on my own.

Hope this finds you well and healthy.

Merry Christmas

Love, Margaret

Thinking positive!

I find when i am thinking positive, my life is so much happier.  Drivers are courteous and a parking space appears when i need one.  When i am negative it seems like the whole world is against me.

Never give up

Yesterday i did almost 10,000 steps and walked the dog morning and evening.  I think i overdid it because last night I had a lot spasming in my back.  I also did a yoga class.

My reason for doing this challenge is to regain my strength after the cancer.

I find that we need to constantly reinforce our resolve for change.  You can’t read a self help book and implement it without some work on yourself.  My motto is “Never give up”.  I am also repeating a mantra “I am young and happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and divinely protected, always”.