'; Rylice Barnes | Christmas cCHALLENGE
Live in Melbourne Australia.
My challenge
No food waste for 30 days

Day 23:

Yes. I have stood up for things I believe in.  I recently took up a Petition to get shading for Seaford beach and also proper drainage for shower.  I got 140 signatures and sent to Council and State Parliament.

Day 22: Huge reduction in household waste

Day 18: Plastic bags

Day 12: Vegetarian

Finding eating vegetarian easy.  Lentils, baked beans, tofu burgers and tofu cake.   Buying fresh vegetables at health shop day so no food wastage.  Also h




Day 4:

Still going well.  Brought sustainable food bags made from Boomerang  Bags 

Day 3: Day 1 going well

Went to market where recycled products were sold.