'; Linn Browning | Christmas cCHALLENGE
Second year studying international environment and development studies.
My challenge
Minimise waste from products: try to not use single use plastic.

Day 17:

Came over this legend, worth a watch! It made me think about the discourse on climate change lately, and how we are looking for a paradigm-shift/transition, but are expecting politicians or other people of power to make the change for us, and underestimating our own purchase-power. In these times we are buying a lot of things, which are contributing not only to the worsening of excessive resource extraction  and carbon emissions- but to the social epidemic of materialism. I always feel guilty when I buy something I didn’t really need, because I feel I am submitting to the false impression of wealth and happiness. Our decisions matter when it comes to the market, because capital flows in the direction of profit. I then have the power to make a difference by “voting” with my bank card each time I use it.  

Day 12:

Kind of fell off with the posting. Been a bit caught up with the exam preparations, which is a part of the challenge to still stick to it. Ill have to admit, I actually havent been to the grocery store in a couple of weeks. It is way easier to just buy a ready cooked meal at the cantina when we basically live there all day anyways. The time for buying gifts has come, and Ive been a bit unsure of what do buy for my close ones that is not just a piece of plastic. For my dad, I actually thought of buying a “floating” session, in one of those tanks. Not sure if he will get too much out of it though, but its nice to consider giving experiences instead of “just buying” something. Anyways, today I realised that taking a mental break is just as important than performing. A nice and quiet meditation session with some essential oils to end the day is much needed.  

Day 6:

Working on my term paper about development interventions, and glad I brought my own coffee mug because that has been in use these couple of days! Im very inspired by some of the other posts. Perhaps I should have done the meditation challenge as well. I think this stressful month would be a good time for that. 

Would love to know if anyone has any great low waste Christmas gift ideas!

Also a big thanks to cChange for having open source articles for me to source on my paper! 

Day 3:

Today I spent all day at uni preparing for exams. In the cantina they have lower prices for coffee if you bring your own cup, which is great! I figured out that since I live a bit outside of town, not buying single-use plastic every day is not that hard. I defiantly buy more on-the-go products when Im in the city.  This got me thinking more about the overall waste I produce, such as the packaging for my tea, and plastic around the food I buy at the store. I actually spent some time today trying to see what is recyclable and not, on https://www.folloren.no/. Turns out plastic in this county is sorted out by a machine, and doesn’t need to be sorted in the trash! 

Day 1:

First day of the challenge happens to be my birthday as well. For the challenge this month I will try to use less single use plastic, such as cups, bottles, plastic bags, utensils and so on. Lucky for me, I got a reusable cotton bag as a gift from my awesome roommates.