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Love nature, a passion for collecting bulbs, seeds and cuttings. Great concern about climate change and inability of politicians to embrace change. Adore family, grand- children, and good friends. Desire a more balanced and caring response from our politicians in relation to poverty and child ...
My challenge
Cook and eat vegetarian meals for 5 days in the week

Day 31:

I have not posted since Day 23 when I returned home after being away.   Upon getting home visiting family members had arrived a couple of days before.  A truly happy Christmas was enjoyed by us all.

Since my last post on 23 December I have only had 2 vegetarian meals (dinners). Breakfasts and lunches were vegetarian.   I am conscious of not having followed the challenge I set out to achieve and now have a realisation of how hard it can be to sustain a personal goal when with other people.

I want to continue this challenge in my every day life. Another desire is to confront the use of plastic in the home.

I deeply appreciate the opportunity that cChallenge has given me to actually experience conscious change. 

Thank you, and wishing the team at Christmas.cchallenge.no/ a happy new year and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.


Day 23:

I have not posted since Day 15 and am not the happiest about that, however, have been sticking to my cchallenge.  There have been a couple of meat included dinners, the rest were pasta with vegetables and beans – spaghetti, tagliatelli, lasagne and a roasted vegetable with spices and tomato passata.  I am presently away from home in a cold climate and have had moments when I wanted a hot meat dish, but so far the two meat dishes have been planned, not spontaneous.  Today, I go home to the UK and while away have been thinking about the waste we generate.  We grow a lot of our own vegetables and fruit in the summer and autumn and collect nuts and apples from the roadside, however, we cannot eat all these and there are limits to how much one can freeze, jam, dehydrate or store for one’s 0wn use.  So we will explore how best to utilise passing on our excess crops and the fruits of our foraging to others who have a need for food support.

Day 15:

I’ve been a little preoccupied over the last few days and have missed posting my daily observations.  Here goes with catch up.  WEDNESDAY 12/12/18:  Usual Breakfast,  Lunch:  salad with avocado, cucumber, tomatoes and rice cakes.  Dinner: Tagliatelli with prawns.  THURSDAY 13/112/18:  Breakfast as usual.  As I was travelling had an egg and cress sandwich on wholemeal bread.  Dinner:  Macaroni cheese with salad.  FRIDAY  14/12/18:  Breakfast as usual.   Lunch: leftover Macaroni cheese.  Dinner: Risotto.  SATURDAY: 15/12/18  Breakfast as usual.  Lunch:  Cheese and cucumber sandwich.  Dinner:  Pizza with peperoni, ham and cheese.

I have been pleasantly surprised that 2 other people were happy to join christmas. cchallenge.  I did not think I would be successful in this.  Personally, I am noticing that I am not having “angst” moment when choosing vegetarian options.  However, am sure I will be able to reduce meat intake further.

Day 11:

This morning a 1 hour skype with my dear friend in Warburton, Australia.  Breakfast as usual.  Starting to pack suitcases for trip overseas on Thursday.  Trip to shops for food supplies.  Lunch, Mushroom soup with a piece of toast.  Afternoon trip to library to return and obtain new books.  More packing, and re-packing of suitcase!   Changed storage of dried walnuts in shells collected in the Autumn to a potato sack.  Baked a cherry and sultana cake.  Tidied around in kitchen.  Dinner, baked Desiree potatoes with brussels sprouts and roast poussin – a meat meal and delicious .

Day 10:

Small breakfast before Yoga class this morning Nearly finished Christmas shopping,  Lunch,  vegetable bake in puff pastry with latte.  Worked in the garden tidying up dead annual plants for part of the afternoon.  Early dinner of crumbed salmon, potato and herb fishcake with cauliflower and brussels sprouts, followed by apple pie and ice cream.  Tonight, out to meeting of local Astronomical Society and talk about Earth’s atmosphere, very interesting presentation by a lively Dr Dan Self.  Weather here not good enough at the moment for star gazing through telescope.  Soon…..



Day 10:

Thank you for your response. What a lovely coincidence. I think we both know that these random experiences actually happen quite frequently. Despite that it’s a joy and really special that you have told me of this entrancing moment.  I have to say it stopped me in my tracks. 

Om Shanti, Sheila xox 

Day 9:

A pleasant sunny day, rain was forecast for the morning but it did not eventuate.  After usual breakfast, put two washes through the w.m., then read part of Sunday papers, tidied around, put wet clothes out to dry, then lunch –  dahl with rice crackers.  Went for a walk at a nearby bird reserve.  There were not many birds around, but sightings included adult mute swans and 7 young swans (cygnets) a great crested grebe, little egret, cormorant and a large flock of greylag geese resting on the river bank. Although it was sunny the wind was very cold and it was a relief to get back to the car, home and a large mug of hot chocolate.  Dinner was a repeat of last night, macaroni cheese accompanied by cauliflower and carrots.   I must say that I don’t “doll” up my dishes and don’t add salt or other flavours to my vegetables.  This means that they can look rather bland which is not the case flavour wise.  No dessert this evening.  I deeply appreciate the ability to be able to go out and enjoy the countryside all around us to be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of nature.  A marvellous sound is that of some swans taking off from water (think they were Whooper swans) – an amazing loud rhythmic rushing noise from their wings beating the air to gain height, seen and heard this afternoon.

Day 8:

Woke up during the night to rain pattering on the window.  Up earlier in morning to get shopping before the start of the weekend Christmas rush.  Breakfast, as usual, (cornflakes, raw oats, omega 3 seed mix, sultanas, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds with oatmeal milk) – a very tasty breakfast that I really enjoy.  Off to shop, oh, the excess displayed that is Christmas nowadays.  Blinkers on and straight to shopping from the list.  A short time later departure with relief and no delays.  Home for percolated coffee, lovely, then off for a long walk along the cut off channel adjacent to the Great River.  Some ducks and swans on the channel, cool with breeze and sunshine – a good to be alive day. 

Home for lunch, yesterday’s steamed rice and stir fry, “neuked” in the microwave.  Always tastes better the next day.  My relaxation, a quick game of Shanghai Mahjongg Dynasty on the computer – it’s addictive.

A trip to the local car wash for a vacuum and clean, then purchase of garden supplies.  Home and put bird seed out for the birds – blue tits, great tits, coal tits, starlings, and the local family of jackdaws not to forget myriad wood pigeons I call them generically “Elvis’s” because of their low slung substantial breasts and stomachs.  Sewing took up some time, repairs to a leather belt and sewing up a hole in my best cashmere cardigan that wretched clothes moths had recently managed to munched on. 

And so to dinner, see above, macaroni cheese with onion and parmesan cheese sauce and brussels sprouts.  Looks pretty ordinary but is really delicious.  I made a large dish, so this will be dinner tomorrow night too.

An ordinary but  good day, precious time and memories that can never be exactly repeated but those memories are treasured.

Thank you Day 8.

Day 7:

A lot of rain fell in the night and sleep was not forthcoming, so 1.00am large mug of hot chocolate and a Branston Pickle sandwich on brown bread did the trick!

Up earlier this morning for yoga class, so decided to miss breakfast.   As a result had an early lunch of Leek and Potato soup with bread roll and side of salad.  Dinner, as above, which partner and I both ate.

Still thinking about what I am doing and find no issues in continuing.

Day 7:

Day 7 Dinner:  Stir fried vegetables with boiled rice.

Day 6:

Today, I am conscious that I am much more involved in the food I eat than is normally the case.  For lunch I usually have a scrounge in the ‘fridge and finish up what was left over from the night before, usually with bread/toast as a filler.   This challenge is certainly changing the way I am thinking about what I am eating and more planning is going into lunch and dinner.  I am thinking about the animals that I am not partaking of and feelings of relief seem to be rising.  I notice I am not feeling so comfortable about days 3 and 4 but I am sticking to what was the original challenge. 

 I went out Christmas shopping today and this coincided with lunch. which was a vegetable bake.  Dinner tonight will be the remains of yesterday’s dahl accompanied with salad, avocado, cucumber and dressing.  Dessert will be a small ice cream cornet.

I live in an agricultural/faming area of Norfolk and there is a constant reminder that the animals (in fields around us are farmed and butchered  for our use.  Pigs, sheep and cattle and deer are widely farmed, as are pheasants,  partridge and deer for shooting.  This afternoon, while shopping, my partner took a photo of a beautiful bird seriously working over our rockery, he was identified as a red legged partridge, so tame and trusting and no doubt in line to be shot soon as it’s now the hunting season here.  

My desire is to continue this challenge and integrate it into my every day life,  allowing for 2 meat days in the week for a while.



I feel better after being  on a vegetarian diet although 

Day 5:

I am very conscious that I did not post anything on DAYS 3 or 4.  Busy with wanting to complete stitching before 13/12/18 when I travel until 23/12/18.

DAY 3:  Breakfast:  As usual.  Lunch: Lettuce, avocado 1/2, cucumber, tomatoes, flaxseed dressing, 3 rice cakes.  Dinner:  Posted that it would be omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms, however, ended up a meat meal of lamb stew with baked potato and vegetables followed by gooseberry crumble.

DAY 4:  Breakfast:  As usual.  Lunch:  Salad.  Dinner:  Meal out at Wetherspoon’s pub.  Steak and vegetables. 

I still have more stitching to do, but will endeavour to write posts in a more timely manner.  

Am rather disappointed in myself for not prioritising posts, however, tomorrow’s another day…..


Day 5:

Breakfast:  As usual.

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and 1 slice toast.

Dinner: My own recipe for Dahl with 2 cumin poppadams.

Day 3:

I had problems logging in, in the beginning, however looks like these ironed out now:-)

DAY 1: BREAKFAST:  Cornflakes, Omega 3 mix of seeds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds (my usual breakfast).

LUNCH: Cos lettuce, Piccolo tomatoes, Cucumber, 1/2 Avocado, Rice Crackers. My own cold pressed golden flax seed oil dressing with honey and apple cider vinegar, YUM.

DINNER;  See picture above. Risotto with onion, chestnut mushrooms, carrots, peas and brussels sprouts.  Dessert:  Gooseberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream (no animal ingredients, other than dairy:-(!).  My partner also joined me in sharing this meal.

DAY 2:  Breakfast as above.

LUNCH: Slice of thick, wholemeal toast spread with sunflower margarine and Vegemite.

DINNER:  We went out to watch an ice hockey match at 5.30pm between our local team, Peterborough Phantoms and Blackney Bees. The game finished just before 8.pm (Peterborough won 7 – 2:-).  Dinner was a tasty serve of hot chips before the start of the game with two hot chocolates drinks during game.  Not the best, but really warmed us up.  Supper at home was a slice of sultana cherry cake that I’d baked earlier in the day).

DAY 3:  Yoga class at 10am this morning so early BREAKFAST:  As above. 

LUNCH:  Cos lettuce, piccolo tomatoes, (last of the ones that I’d grown in the greenhouse over summer), cucumber, 1/2 avocado, rice crackers, cold pressed golden flax seed oil with apple cider vinegar.

DINNER:  Omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms, brussels sprouts.  Dessert:  Gooseberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream.

I was conscious of the air/road miles the avocadoes had travelled from Spain to the UK as they are not in season here.  However, they were being sold for 50p and needed to be used immediately so felt they weren’t wasted.  Will do better and find another, local ingredient instead. 


2 days to go.  Some years ago I was vegetarian whilst living alone.  However I have let things slip now I have a partner.  I remember how I generally felt  better with more energy when eating vegetarian so hope I will be able to sustain the challenge I have set myself.