'; Christine Wamsler | Christmas cCHALLENGE
I work at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies and would like to take this opportunity to “walk the talk”. Thanks CChallenge! I adore my family; my two children mean the world to me. They are 8 and 10 and both have also started to do some meditation...
My challenge
30 minutes meditation every morning - before the day starts :)

Day 30: Every end is a new beginning

I will certainly take my challenge to the new year. During the last 30 days I experienced how difficult change is – and how easy it is as an outsider to other people’s challenges to judge, to believe how to best/ better go about it, and not understand their difficulties… and the time it takes to realise change. Sharing my challenge with others and listening to their challenges made also clear how limited our possibilities for learning from other people’s experiences and knowledge is. Thanks for the last 30 days! 🙏🙂

Day 28: Have you ever stood up for something?

In a recent message by cChange we were asked if we every stood up for something we believe(d) in. It made me think about many (but perhaps too few) moments in my life, when I stood up for friends, family members, strangers, animals, or the environment….. and more recently for changes within the academic structures and approaches (to acknowledge the importance of individual inner dimensions and change for sustainability). In the meantime, several have joined me in different ways, but there have been, and still are, many stumbling blocks on the way. Standing up for something creates profound happiness. On the one hand, it means to be aware and accept the possible negative consequences that come with it, but on the other hand, it is often a way needed to better align our values and convictions with our actual behavior. For me, this is also where meditation comes in – and why I have selected this/my challenge.

Day 20: External changes – holidays :)

The changes we want to make are challenged by our context, our environment and associated CHANGES. Starting from tomorrow the my holidays will present a new change and challenge my challenge :). The early mornings will be less filled with activities – but more people will be together on few square meters. 🙂 Let’s see how it will go.

Day 17: Reflecting about relationships

„(…) when we pay attention to relationships and patterns, it becomes much easier to change them.” I liked this sentence very much from our last inspiration/input! It alsoshows the link between meditation, mindfulness and sustainability. Many things like not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, not buying specific things etc. have over the years become the ’normal’ choice and the awareness of it creates inner freedom and happiness. …. But I still did not manage to make meditating a morning routine…. working on it still ….

Day 11: Taking on other challenges – missing out on own challenge

Since my travel I have still troubles getting back to my new routine of starting the day with a 30 min meditation. Dealing with a jet lag was not helpful, and early morning teachings at university rather made things impossible. Starting from tomorrow things should go better again. The clock is already put – to get up earlier… At the same time I have been quite inspired but the other challenges – and have certainly be more consistent with the (not) use of plastics, with the (not) buying of presents, etc. Thanks to all of you for your challenges and inspiration! 🙂

Day 6: Challenging times

The last two days were challenging… Since I am traveling it is difficult to stick to the new routine… and it feels like having to start all over again (mentally) after that… 

Day 3: Supporting messages

Things are going well so far – thanks for the encouraging words and inputs – it makes ’walking the talk’ very enjoyable! 🙂

Day 1: First day

The CChallenge has started well – I managed to meditate today, first thing in the morning, for 30 minutes. I have been meditating for many years, but without being able to get into a good routine. I always wanted to start my day with 30 minutes of meditation – every day – I hope to be able to finally get into this routine with the help of CChallenge.