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Retired but reasonably fit marine scientist
My challenge
One hour fast walk every day

Day 20:

Todays walk was along the River Wissey, a tributary of the Great Ouse. One of the main crops in this area is sugar beet and the photo shows the beet processing plant next to the river. As can be seen a great deal of steam is produced much of which goes into the atmosphere. Some, however is used to heat an extensive acreage of glasshouses a few of which may be seen on the left hand side of the photo. Until a couple of years ago the glasshouse crop was tomatoes but now they are one of the few sites in the UK with a licence to produce cannabis for medical use. The upside of this extensive industrial site is that it provides much employment. The downside is that it puts a considerable strain on the local rural road network. At the peak of the sugar beet harvesting season around 800 heavy lorries trundle their way to the plant every day.