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Love nature, a passion for collecting bulbs, seeds and cuttings. Great concern about climate change and inability of politicians to embrace change. Adore family, grand- children, and good friends. Desire a more balanced and caring response from our politicians in relation to poverty and child ...
My challenge
Cook and eat vegetarian meals for 5 days in the week

Day 9:

A pleasant sunny day, rain was forecast for the morning but it did not eventuate.  After usual breakfast, put two washes through the w.m., then read part of Sunday papers, tidied around, put wet clothes out to dry, then lunch –  dahl with rice crackers.  Went for a walk at a nearby bird reserve.  There were not many birds around, but sightings included adult mute swans and 7 young swans (cygnets) a great crested grebe, little egret, cormorant and a large flock of greylag geese resting on the river bank. Although it was sunny the wind was very cold and it was a relief to get back to the car, home and a large mug of hot chocolate.  Dinner was a repeat of last night, macaroni cheese accompanied by cauliflower and carrots.   I must say that I don’t “doll” up my dishes and don’t add salt or other flavours to my vegetables.  This means that they can look rather bland which is not the case flavour wise.  No dessert this evening.  I deeply appreciate the ability to be able to go out and enjoy the countryside all around us to be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of nature.  A marvellous sound is that of some swans taking off from water (think they were Whooper swans) – an amazing loud rhythmic rushing noise from their wings beating the air to gain height, seen and heard this afternoon.