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Retired but reasonably fit marine scientist
My challenge
One hour fast walk every day

Day 9:

As the photo shows, today I did my walk between two waterways. On the right is the natural river that at this point is tidal. On the left is a manmade channel (known as The Relief Channel) That runs for several miles parallel to the river and is controlled by sluices at either end. This is all part of the water and flood control in this area. The land between the two waterways is known as the Ouse Washes and can be deliberately flooded to protect other areas. This is usually done in winter and sometimes if a cold snap ensues it becomes a mega ice rink. Very popular with local speed skaters. What I am trying to say is that because this area has a known vulnerability to flooding, alleviating measures have been taken. It is probable that in future much larger expanses will face the need for similar extensive and expensive schemes.