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I live in the US in a suburb of Boston with my husband, son, and little dog. I did my own plastic diet last year and I've cut way down. Now it's time to get systems in place to replace all the paper waste--and break my paper towel habit!
My challenge
Paper diet

Day 7:

I’m beginning to understand the importance of zero tolerance in all this. For my meeting this morning, instead of defaulting to a bakery pastry in a box, I toted leftover ginger cookies and grapes I had and brought a little tray to set them out. People loved it–almost none left. I also had to print up agendas in a rush before heading off. Had to spend precious minutes digging up 12 pieces of paper with one side still blank! I wouldn’t have taken the time if I were just casually trying to “cut back.” The discipline of this challenge kicks me out of autopilot, and in America, autopilot is usually whatever is quickest and easiest, regardless of the waste. It’s too easy to become reflexively lazy in the name of efficiency, which never takes into account the unseen costs.