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Love nature, a passion for collecting bulbs, seeds and cuttings. Great concern about climate change and inability of politicians to embrace change. Adore family, grand- children, and good friends. Desire a more balanced and caring response from our politicians in relation to poverty and child ...
My challenge
Cook and eat vegetarian meals for 5 days in the week

Day 3:

I had problems logging in, in the beginning, however looks like these ironed out now:-)

DAY 1: BREAKFAST:  Cornflakes, Omega 3 mix of seeds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Almonds (my usual breakfast).

LUNCH: Cos lettuce, Piccolo tomatoes, Cucumber, 1/2 Avocado, Rice Crackers. My own cold pressed golden flax seed oil dressing with honey and apple cider vinegar, YUM.

DINNER;  See picture above. Risotto with onion, chestnut mushrooms, carrots, peas and brussels sprouts.  Dessert:  Gooseberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream (no animal ingredients, other than dairy:-(!).  My partner also joined me in sharing this meal.

DAY 2:  Breakfast as above.

LUNCH: Slice of thick, wholemeal toast spread with sunflower margarine and Vegemite.

DINNER:  We went out to watch an ice hockey match at 5.30pm between our local team, Peterborough Phantoms and Blackney Bees. The game finished just before 8.pm (Peterborough won 7 – 2:-).  Dinner was a tasty serve of hot chips before the start of the game with two hot chocolates drinks during game.  Not the best, but really warmed us up.  Supper at home was a slice of sultana cherry cake that I’d baked earlier in the day).

DAY 3:  Yoga class at 10am this morning so early BREAKFAST:  As above. 

LUNCH:  Cos lettuce, piccolo tomatoes, (last of the ones that I’d grown in the greenhouse over summer), cucumber, 1/2 avocado, rice crackers, cold pressed golden flax seed oil with apple cider vinegar.

DINNER:  Omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms, brussels sprouts.  Dessert:  Gooseberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream.

I was conscious of the air/road miles the avocadoes had travelled from Spain to the UK as they are not in season here.  However, they were being sold for 50p and needed to be used immediately so felt they weren’t wasted.  Will do better and find another, local ingredient instead.